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Making Time for Bigger Things and Finding Purpose

Yep, this post is about two weeks past due. As part of my 'things to work on in 2013' series, I decided to spice up the list with a controversial topic. I'm 25 and spiritually blind. Actually, blind probably isn't the right way to phrase it. I'm more put-off by religion than anything else. Religion in Alabama is a completely different animal. To understand, ...

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Tuscaloosa Tornado

This post isn't about God, or luck. It's not meant to be dramatic, or inspiring. I simply want to share a personal story that began on April 27th, 2011. The tornado that obliterated portions of Tuscaloosa, and ripped across Alabama and the southern U.S. were devastating to say the least. The loss of life and property was historic, tragic and painfully close for ...

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