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Building Brand Bridges – Old Concepts Revitalized by Social Media

Recently, I was trying to explain the importance of branding to a client and, as I do on occasion, I blurted out a made-up word. Turns out, this word was really insightful, at least visually. (Usually, when I blab out random words, they are nonsensical and are followed by intense fits of laughter.) My client, a real estate partner in Princeton, NJ was trying to ...

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Social Media Strategy or Social Media Tactics – Which Comes First?

Yesterday I stumbled upon this article by Lee Odden on whether tactics or strategy should be developed first when discussing social media. It seems to be a pretty heated topic and I think I've gathered my thoughts on it. Here's what I came up with. Social media requires a foundation to build a campaign on in the form of a strategy. Brands need to be able to ...

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