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Sprout Social, a CRM for the Connected Company

Ask any good social media marketer what the three most important pieces to their job are. Most likely, they'll talk about some combination of delivering excellent customer service, providing great content, and brand monitoring and listening. The trouble is, SMBs typically don't have the personnel budget to hire a digital analyst to track social and web programs and ...

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Social Is Something You Are, Not Something You Do

Last Wednesday I got sidetracked and wound up listening in to Amber Naslund's webinar on building a case for social business. I've heard this saying before from Olivier Blanchard's Social Media ROI book, but the most important concept Amber mentioned was that social is something you are, and not something you do. Read it again, let it sink in. Social is ...

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Can Social Media Replace Websites?

Finally, I’ve heard it all. I attended a social media panel in Birmingham last month, and one of the audience members raised a question about the possibility of social media replcing websites. With all the hype over social media, that’s a completely valid question and a potential concern for those that don’t consider themselves digitally savvy. First, ...

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The Myth About Instagram Leveling the Field

To say that Instagram levels the field for creativity is wrong. Completely wrong. Instagram is so popular because it turns our otherwise regular-looking snapshots into unique, beautiful images. For those of you who have not become addicted, Instagram is (comparably) the mobile version of Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, and is popular because of its simplicity and ...

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Top Ways College Graduates Can Use Social Media for Their Job Search

When I graduated from The University of Alabama in May 2010, I had little understanding of the impact that social media would have on my future life. (The "Like" button didn't even exist then, and that says a lot!) Sure, I held accounts on all of the major platforms, but they were merely placeholders. I existed on them, and that was all. Out of college, degree in ...

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