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New Social Media Guidelines Proposed for Banks and Credit Unions

Last week I was informed that new social media guidelines were proposed for banks and credit unions by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council. (The FFIEC supervises and writes policies and standards for financial institutions in the U.S.). While the FFIEC has been pretty silent on social media governance in general, their silence (probably intention...

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Hiking The Social Media Trail

As I write this, I'm nursing my heels and toes from a solid 5.5-6 mile hike in the hills of Birmingham, a beautiful city that boasts one of the highest ratios of public green space per resident in the country. Several park development projects have been completed and with a few more in the works, this place is quickly sneaking up the list of best places to hike. It's ...

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Social Media Strategy or Social Media Tactics – Which Comes First?

Yesterday I stumbled upon this article by Lee Odden on whether tactics or strategy should be developed first when discussing social media. It seems to be a pretty heated topic and I think I've gathered my thoughts on it. Here's what I came up with. Social media requires a foundation to build a campaign on in the form of a strategy. Brands need to be able to ...

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