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#BrandsOnly: The Most Exclusive Hashtag on Twitter

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Can Social Media Replace Websites?

Finally, I’ve heard it all. I attended a social media panel in Birmingham last month, and one of the audience members raised a question about the possibility of social media replcing websites. With all the hype over social media, that’s a completely valid question and a potential concern for those that don’t consider themselves digitally savvy. First, ...

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Brands Don’t Change, They Improve

Change happens when something constant gets disrupted or transformed by an event. Sometimes change is a great thing. A brand refresh (if needed) can be a welcome change of scenery, and a profitable one if implemented carefully. Change can also be confusing for consumers. Consider Comcast's debacle with using both Xfinity and Comcast under one company. Is it a ...

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Happy Earth Day!

(My wife & I bought these awesome aladdin® recycled coffee mugs at Target today, just for some free coffee.) After hearing of Starbucks' Earth Day promotion (you bring your own mug, get free coffee or tea,) I figured this was one promotion I could not pass up. It has been all over my Twitter feed the past few days and I decided it was something that I wanted to ...

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