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Making Time for Bigger Things and Finding Purpose

Yep, this post is about two weeks past due. As part of my 'things to work on in 2013' series, I decided to spice up the list with a controversial topic. I'm 25 and spiritually blind. Actually, blind probably isn't the right way to phrase it. I'm more put-off by religion than anything else. Religion in Alabama is a completely different animal. To understand, ...

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Birmingham, Alabama – The Magical City

Birmingham, Alabama - there's just something about this place. There's no wondering why it's called The Magic City. What I have been referring to as the South's big-little city (or is it a little-big city?) is hard to describe without experiencing it with all five senses. The smells, the sounds, the people - every inch of this city is unique. I can't put my finger ...

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