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What Brands Need to Know About Facebook Edgerank

To the average consumer, advertising has become ubiquitous. If they don't hate it, they have trained themselves to ignore it. It’s become an easily acquired skill thanks to advertising’s level of predictability and lack of interactivity. Very few people are moved by ads, especially online, and that's mostly due to the fact that the majority of ads fall short of ...

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Social Is Something You Are, Not Something You Do

Last Wednesday I got sidetracked and wound up listening in to Amber Naslund's webinar on building a case for social business. I've heard this saying before from Olivier Blanchard's Social Media ROI book, but the most important concept Amber mentioned was that social is something you are, and not something you do. Read it again, let it sink in. Social is ...

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Brands Don’t Change, They Improve

Change happens when something constant gets disrupted or transformed by an event. Sometimes change is a great thing. A brand refresh (if needed) can be a welcome change of scenery, and a profitable one if implemented carefully. Change can also be confusing for consumers. Consider Comcast's debacle with using both Xfinity and Comcast under one company. Is it a ...

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Happy Earth Day!

(My wife & I bought these awesome aladdin® recycled coffee mugs at Target today, just for some free coffee.) After hearing of Starbucks' Earth Day promotion (you bring your own mug, get free coffee or tea,) I figured this was one promotion I could not pass up. It has been all over my Twitter feed the past few days and I decided it was something that I wanted to ...

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