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Best Practices for Recruiters Emailing Job Candidates

Being on the wrong end of the job search can seem like a sick and twisted never-ending cycle of rejection and disregard. It's a ruthless place to be and can quickly become what keeps you awake every single night. This is a harsh daily struggle for millions of Americans. You do everything you're advised to help you get that interview—complete job application ...

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3 More Things Creatives Can Learn From Athletes

Last Friday, I briefly recapped Dr. Bhrett McCabe's talk for the AAF Birmingham January Luncheon about the similarities between creatives and athletes, and importance of preparation and finding your flow. Despite the ideas being relatively topical, each piece can be broken down and analyzed. I highly recommend taking sufficient time to process and figure out if ...

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Making Time for Bigger Things and Finding Purpose

Yep, this post is about two weeks past due. As part of my 'things to work on in 2013' series, I decided to spice up the list with a controversial topic. I'm 25 and spiritually blind. Actually, blind probably isn't the right way to phrase it. I'm more put-off by religion than anything else. Religion in Alabama is a completely different animal. To understand, ...

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The Water-Only Challenge – Half Marathon Training

Last February I had the privilege of running my first half marathon at the Mercedes Marathon Weekend in Birmingham. I say privilege because I didn't die afterwards. Running on a meager two weeks of training, I somehow pulled it off with a respectable time of 2:07. Without skipping a beat, literally on the drive home from my wife's ass-kicking performance at ...

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Alabama Tourism Wants Your Instagram Photos

  UPDATE: This sweepstakes ended on 9/28/2012. I wanted to let you know about a great sweepstakes opportunity open to anyone with kick-ass shots of Alabama landmarks, cities, landscapes, etc. A friend at Luckie & Co. approached me to help promote the sweepstakes which is currently live. Here's the rundown: What: The Alabama Tourism Department ...

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