Feedly, Your New Favorite Blog Reader

I was never a fan of Google Reader, to be honest. It was kind of clunky, didn't have a native app and simply lacked the user experience that should have kept me coming back on a daily basis. I know my opinion is not the norm, and the service had a cult-like following in the tech-geek and blogger worlds. Google Reader fans found out last week that the tech giant would be closing down the blog-reader service come July 1st of this year. Consolid...

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Social Is Something You Are, Not Something You Do

Last Wednesday I got sidetracked and wound up listening in to Amber Naslund's webinar on building a case for social business. I've heard this saying before from Olivier Blanchard's Social Media ROI book, but the most important concept Amber mentioned was that social is something you are, and not something you do. Read it again, let it sink in. Social is something you are, not something you do. It's a very simple concept; so fundamental, ...

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Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ Initial Impressions

Exactly 20 days ago, at some point during the night I was woken up by my iPhone. I typically don't wake up when I get a text message or if someone tweets me during the night−if it was important, you'd call me. For some reason, this notification did the trick. At 4AM, with one eye squinting trying to adjust to my bright screen I saw I had received the following DM from Nike Running. Two things ran through my half-asleep brain in this order. ...

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Nike Twitter Flyknit Lunar1+ Campaign

Best Practices for Recruiters Emailing Job Candidates

Being on the wrong end of the job search can seem like a sick and twisted never-ending cycle of rejection and disregard. It's a ruthless place to be and can quickly become what keeps you awake every single night. This is a harsh daily struggle for millions of Americans. You do everything you're advised to help you get that interview—complete job application after job application, rewrite and tweak your resume and cover letter, draft up ...

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