The Road is Freedom

Posted on September 4, 2014

  The beauty of the American Road Trip is that there's no wrong way to do it. At the age of 18, my first road trip became a milestone of independence and a right of passage. Over the years, the road trips I've taken have led me down a more spiritual path--one rooted in the idea of chasing the important things in life--inspiration, humbleness, and contentment. For me, the road is more than packed dirt, paint, asphalt, and ...

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Why Camping is Good for the Soul

For what it's worth, I considered simply writing, "Because S'mores." and calling it a day on this post. In hindsight, that may have been a smart move considering it's taken me two months to hit publish. Let's face it, we take nature for granted. I'm sure at one time or another, we've all thought something along these lines: Nature is, like, always going to be there. Plus, I follow some awesome photographers on Instagram so it's like I'm ...

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7 Practical Tips for First Time Marathon Runners

I shouldn't be able to say I'm a marathon runner today. I also shouldn't be able to move a single muscle in my body. I should be rolling my eyes when friends ask, "when's your next marathon?" When I say that I half-assed my training, I'm being generous. Really generous. However, that's not my story. Today, I'm a marathon runner. I'm walking around nearly ache-free with a big-ass smile on my face. I'm even pretty psyched about planning my ...

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Why “Intern” is Such a Dirty Word and How to Fix it

Something about the word "intern" strikes an uneasy feeling in my gut. It most likely stems from the fact that people make fun of them every chance they get, instantaneously blaming them for every social media blunder that's ever occurred. Google finds over 2.8 million webpages when you search "my intern sucks." Also, here's an abandoned but hilarious blog about interns who are slightly south of motivated than the average office employe...

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