Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ Initial Impressions

Posted on March 1, 2013

Exactly 20 days ago, at some point during the night I was woken up by my iPhone. I typically don’t wake up when I get a text message or if someone tweets me during the night−if it was important, you’d call me. For some reason, this notification did the trick.

At 4AM, with one eye squinting trying to adjust to my bright screen I saw I had received the following DM from Nike Running. Two things ran through my half-asleep brain in this order. 1) OMG. 2) SPAM.

Nike Flyknit Twitter CampaignSorry Nike, with all the Twitter spam out there, this just seemed too good to be true. I mean really, could you be any more subtle and suspicious?

Turns out, I’m more influential than I thought and it wasn’t spam. The next day I found out the rest of the details of the DM, and sent them my information. For the past 19 days, I came home from work eagerly awaiting and hoping that my Flyknit Lunar1+’s would be waiting on my doorstep. Well, today was the day.

 Social Media, Surprise and Delight, Brand Promotion, Twitter Campaign

Tanya, who also received a pair of Flyknits (duh, if I got a pair, she sure did), and I slowly unboxed the shoes, complete with a photo shoot to document. (Pictures will come in a later post.)

Nike Flyknit Lunar1+, Unboxing, Twitter Campaign, Running Shoes, Black Shoes, Nike Shoes

Despite somewhat unseasonable temperatures, a rather brisk wind, and the fact that I’m still recovering from a cold, we went on a mile test run. (Also, duh. Had to let out the excitement somehow.)

My initial impression is that I’m going to love these things. The build is just phenomenal; top-notch, crafted to absolute perfection. They have just the right amount of tension with the little amount of fabric that holds them together. Super lightweight, incredibly durable and surprisingly comfortable.

There’s just enough cushion to separate it from a minimalist shoe when my foot hits the pavement, but also allows for amazingly quick turnover. I think these shoes will be great for runners that have trouble striking the mid-to-front foot region because of the shoe’s flexibility and ease of control.

Tanya seems to think the Flyknits won’t hold up for distance runs and marathons, but will be great for shorter distances and especially for speedwork. From the first step you can tell these bad boys were meant for speed, but you can follow us both as we update on the distance factor.

I’ve said this before, but I am incredibly grateful to Nike for the awesome support and follow-through they provide the running community through Twitter and Facebook. As a digital marketing professional myself, these guys are top tier and know how to build relationships. I have great respect for what they do and how well they manage to do it at scale.

Nike Flyknit Lunar1+, Running Shoes, Black Shoes, Nike Shoes

Nike Flyknit Lunar1+, Running Shoes, Black Shoes, Nike Shoes, Shoe Technology

Give me a great product backed by unmatched and consistent social support and engagement, and I’m a customer for life. Include me in surprise and delight tactics like personalizing notes and sending me $160 pair of shoes? I may not have the biggest audience here, but Nike has won my heart and I will happily tweet, post and blog about them all day long until my friends hate me give in and buy their own pair of Flyknit Lunar1+.

I received this pair of Flyknit Lunar1+s from Nike for free. Views and opinions expressed are my own.

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1 Reply to "Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ Initial Impressions"

  • Ricardo Bueno
    May 10, 2013 (9:05 am)

    I stopped wearing Nike’s when I started running seriously and hard on the trails. I just had too. I was experiencing all sorts of pain on the bottom of my foot, my achilles and up my soleus.

    I finally went and got fitted for shoes at the local running store. I settled on some Brooks trail and road shoes and the pain has been gone ever since.

    Anyway, I’ve always liked Nike. They make some decent shoes. And these look incredibly lightweight, and stylish. So I’m sure they’re great. But I’m still stickin’ with my Brooks, heh.

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