Kindle Fire: The Best Way to Read a Book?

Posted on January 2, 2013

I’ve never been a reader. When I was in grade school you could not have paid me enough to sit still and read a book for more than an hour. Reading for fun, I should say, was just not my thing.

I always wanted to be a reader. I’d buy a book that sounded really interesting, start the first few chapters and then just abandon it when something else shinier came along. SQUIRREL. I should add that I’m a slow reader, or I’ll find myself reading the same line 18 times before the sentence actually clicks – so that never helped my case either.

Sure, I’d go through phases where I might read an entire book or two, but nothing beyond that. We all have our hobbies and reading has just never been one of mine.

That is, until about three years ago when I became really interested in learning about business and social media and started reading blogs and articles on a daily basis. I have to frequently remind myself that despite it being a different projected on a screen as opposed to a ink and paper, it’s still considered reading. So although I don’t physically hold a book in my hands and turn the page, I actually read a ton on a daily basis and have been for years without considering it “reading.”

This Christmas, Tanya and I finally caved and purchased an Amazon Kindle Fire HD thanks to a gift card raffle at work. I went the e-reader/tablet route because I knew that if I went the tablet route with the ability to download an e-reader app I would get distracted by all the other bells and whistles. OH! ANOTHER SQUIRREL!

Fuego (our Kindle’s name. Original, right? – Yes, we name everything in our house,) has been broken in and I’m absolutely in love with it. I’m used to reading on a screen (albeit much larger) and I find this a much faster way to get through books. I like the fact that from the carousel you can see the percentage of the book you’ve completed so far, and for a data-nerd like me, that’s pretty awesome (and actually motivates me to read more.)

The Kindle has made reading an enjoyable activity for me and having invested in an e-reader definitely holds me accountable. I liken reading a book on an e-reader to reading a really, really long blog post. For some reason, this perspective makes me want to read books quickly and in their entirety.

Here are six reasons why an e-reader or tablet is a worthy investment:

  • e-Readers offer helpful built-in tools. Whether you want to know the definition of a word, change the size of the text, font, or margins, or perhaps you want to see the most frequently highlighted lines in the book. All those things are more are only a tap away.
  • Instant access to thousands of titles whether you choose Nook, iPad, Kindle or another brand. Not sure if that new book from Gary Vaynerchuck or Seth Godin is worth a read through? Browse reviews and preview the first chapter to see if you’ll like it.
  • Browse the web, apps, pictures, videos, magazines, music, and games. Needs no explanation.
  • Books can be stored on your device or in the cloud which means you can access them at any time without having to search behind the couch, in the overly crowded bookcase with the broken shelf, in the trunk of your car, or in your ex’s bedroom.
  • Free books are awesome, but stealing from a book store is not and that’s probably the only way you’ll ever get a free book. Don’t steal, just get an e-reader and you’ll have access to hundreds, if not thousands of free titles. Are they new or even interesting titles? No, but there are tons of classics that are always good to have around.
  • Cheap books are on their way. Supposedly, 2013 is supposed to be the year that e-book pricing gets more competitive. Competition between the big three e-Reader brands and from publishing companies is making this a pretty hot market right now. Prices should of new e-books should make their way from the $9-13 range down to the $6-10 range this year. Here are some other ways to find e-books on the cheap.

So, this year, I’m determined to read more books than I did in 2012, and not just blogs and articles. That won’t be hard to do at all. In fact (and sadly,) I’ve probably already beaten that goal as of today.

If you missed part one on keeping your New Year’s resolutions, go back and check it out. Tomorrow we’ll look into eating better in the new year.

We all have at least one thing we know we should spend more time doing, but just never get around to it. Tell me about yours, or about a device like an e-reader that helps a seemingly boring activity appear more fun.

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