How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on January 1, 2013

January 1st is an incredibly sad day. It’s a day that many of us excitedly set out on our journey to achieve our New Year’s resolutions. Let it be known that I hate the word “resolution;” to me it is some big idea that you have, break within the first month, then shrug it off and forget about it until Dec 31st when you feel guilty you didn’t do what you said you would.

Go ahead, tell me you call it something different; 2013 goals, objectives for 2013, new year – new me, etc. It’s still the same thing and you’re still going to let go of it.

My perspective is that it isn’t what you title your resolutions (goals, objectives…) or how achievable you make them (aka cheating;) that’s all in the details. You have to step back, look at what matters to you the most and that also makes you feel good. Hell, if you don’t like going to the gym don’t make yourself do it just because you vowed to hit the iron four times a week, you crazy person! Try something different like running or cycling; that may make you happier and thus more likely to continue doing it. If you know you want to give back this year but know you can’t donate tons of money or time, then try doing little acts of kindness each month instead. That way, you extend the length of positivity around giving while having a direct impact.

My point? Make your goals meaningful, positive and relevant to you. Being completely and entirely selfish at first is not a bad thing. You have an entire year to build on what you accomplish and grow from there. Just do me a favor and don’t deny yourself the chance to succeed. If your resolutions require you to change your daily habits, you’re going to quit early. My next series of posts will highlight how I plan to make an impact in my life by improving on things I’ve already made time for and that will pave the way for me to help others.

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According to WordPress’ Annual Report, I wrote an astounding 5 blog posts in 2012 which is about half of what I wrote in 2011. Not much to be proud of there. I attribute that mostly to a lack of time management; however, Tanya and I have had a pretty hectic year to say the least.

I find blogging to be a platform for those that have deeper emotions, needs, and overall want a bigger sense of fulfillment out of their efforts. You aren’t going to change the world in 140 characters (debatable,) or even with a viral Facebook post. Blog posts, on the other hand, can be print-out worthy to someone. Something you post on your office wall or bedroom mirror to become a daily reminder, and that’s huge.

A lot of us have the ability to put w­­ords to paper, and we take for granted how much of a gift that is. If it gives you pleasure, make time to do more of it this year.

My wife, Tanya and her daddy, Bo both have had explosive growth with their blogs and websites this year. Tanya has been a huge inspiration on so many levels, and her dedication and passion for writing have been astonishing since she started blogging in November.

Bo, to whom we’ve been promising for years to improve his websites, has been working tirelessly on his site for many months now. As a real estate agent in central New Jersey, what he has done is essentially built a one-stop resource center full of utility and solid bits of NJ-related real estate information. We’re working to get his site rocking some content and SEO to boost his rankings and provide information to his previous, current, and potential clients. If that sounds difficult, it is, but I think this will definitely be his year.

That wraps up my first 2013 resolution (*shutters*.) I’ll have more resolution bits for you to chew on tomorrow. I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned for this year in the comments!

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  • Bo
    January 1, 2013 (6:59 pm)

    I guess I started on my “resolution” a while ago, which was to proactively address a problem and accept responsibility for working around or through it. My site/blog is part of that resolution, to do something about attracting business rather than wait for the economic climate to shift. I’ll add something to your thoughts: being inspired and encouraged by someone (I’m looking at you and Tanya) will go a long way in making goals a reality. Partnering with or simply following such a source is the trick to making things happen.

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