Where I Find the Motivation to Run

Posted on January 9, 2013

A few weeks back I wrote a few posts about training for a half marathon in February. Here are my closing thoughts.

I have a free trainer/ The wife. She is simply amazing. A complete bad ass. One of the most dedicated, motivated, hardcore.. (is this is an obvious kiss up yet? She probably won’t even read this post so I’ll just stop there.)

Tanya has learned a ton from her three years of running experience. In Birmingham, even if you haven’t formally met her you know her as ‘the girl that runs compulsively.’ By association, this must make me the sad and lonely husband that sits on the couch all day long, right? (If we had cable, perhaps.)

Let me just say that there is an advantage getting to live with someone that is self-motivated enough to wake up at 4 AM to run 15 miles. On the days that I don’t get up early, that means I get about three hours of sleep without being kicked in the shins, being woken up by intense fits of mouth-breathing or having to deal with body heat that feels more like an entire warehouse fire under my sheets. But seriously, I’m amazed at her persistence and ability to roll herself out of bed at ungodly hours to chalk up “a few” miles.

I do this too, you know. I go through spurts of being a morning person. They typically fall on weekends though, and amount to zero productivity other than knowing how drunk everyone was the night before via Facebook. More recently, I’ve actually been waking up at 4:30 AM (yes, on purpose) because it actually gives me more energy throughout the day. I hate testimonials, but if you’ve been trying to change your morning routine and haven’t found one that works you need to read Peter Shankman’s blog post about why waking up early can change your life. More on that in a later post.

Back to Tanya. I’m extremely lucky on so many levels to have her. I see firsthand how she lives and breathes running and how knowledgeable she is about everything from shoes, training, race strategy, injuries and nutrition. She’s one smart gal.

We run together when she isn’t with her group in the mornings and she does her best to keep my raging competitiveness at bay. I have this mindset that I have to match or beat my previous run time or average pace. Always. Completely stupid and illogical. In fact, I’m surprised I haven’t hurt myself. It definitely hasn’t gotten me any Guinness world records (yet) so I’m happy to have her there to make me realize that I’m going to not only injure myself in the process, but drain all motivation to continue training if I consistently fall short of my goals. Seems blatantly obvious, right? Even now that I’m serious about training for this half I find myself trying to put everything I have into my runs to prove something to myself. That’s why I’m grateful to have someone there to pace, talk to, and coach me along the way. Even better that the someone is my best friend (in case she actually reads this.)

Tanya Sylvan, Rocket City, Marathon

My little bad ass.

So I guess what I’m saying is that this coming year I plan on being smart about running and having a plan.

I definitely have a better hold on what food goes into my body and how important and easy it is to keep yourself properly hydrated.

Having an appreciation for the technology and support to help me learn where I can improve and to keep me motivated and excited about training is critical. All it takes is one off day to get cozy around the house, or a cold rainy night to get thrown completely off course. This easily turns into a week of laziness and BOOM there goes your  excitement. Nike+ makes training feel more like a game and allows you to become goal-oriented at the level your most comfortable and capable of.

Finally, I have new knowledge and a better mindset. I’m not sure there’s anything more important to get your running routine started than a confident mindset. That goes for everything, not just running. Whether that knowledge comes from a friend, coach, website, magazine, Twitter chat, running group – as long as you are prepared for what you’re getting into, the rest is gravy.

2:07 is the time to beat on February 17th.

Do you lean on another person to help your motivation stay high during training or in personal or work situations?

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