Digital Marketing = Consumer Empowerment

Posted on April 19, 2011

Long, long ago, there was a time when traditional media was all that mattered. A time when advertisers needed only to develop memorable, long lasting, and relevant campaigns. Broadcast. Radio. Print. Repeat. A time when brands only wanted loyalty from customers. Essentially, creating a chaotic jumble of monologues for consumers to sift through.

In truth, this ideology was still the norm not but a few years ago.

So look around. What’s changed?

Traditional broadcasting methods still surround us. And if the big brands are still spending millions on advertising every year, there must be a few squeezes remaining, right? Well, maybe. But then there’s digital.

Digital has been around for many years, but with global interconnectivity becoming mainstream only fairly recently, it has forced advertisers and marketers to quickly relearn everything they’ve ever heard about the traditional space. Digital doesn’t play nicely with old rules. They can’t be applied here.

How did this “digital influence” come about? I like to think of it as a shift. A shift of control. A shift of attitude.

What used to be a brand centered world, is now dominated by consumer influence. No longer can big brands simply flaunt their deep pockets. The word of the year is “engagement,” and if you’re not in, you’re out. As consumers, we don’t like being yelled at. We’re human. We’re meant to dialogue. And the great thing is that we’ve figured out that as a unified group, we can have a major impact on how brands start treating us. Digital is allowing consumers to fight back. To have a voice, and be counted. To make advertising about the consumer once again.

We’re forcing interruptive advertising to shift towards targeted content that we want to be exposed to. Content that adds value to our lives and experiences. That’s right, we’re demanding value from brands. [Gee, what a concept!] But through this space shifting revolution, we must understand that it’s a process. No revolution occurs overnight.

“Process” is defined as:


1. a systematic series of actions directed to some end.

2. a continuous action, operation, or series of changes taking place in a definite manner.

Digital provides the medium for the consumer to be a part of the change, and to force brands to be more social and engaging. We, as consumers are now the influence and inspiration for brands to rewrite their processes, increase productivity, and deliver value. If you have something to say, brands will listen, and if they don’t, they’re already losing.

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