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Why “Intern” is Such a Dirty Word and How to Fix it

Something about the word "intern" strikes an uneasy feeling in my gut. It most likely stems from the fact that people make fun of them every chance they get, instantaneously blaming them for every social media blunder that's ever occurred. Google finds over 2.8 million webpages when you search "my intern sucks." Also, here's an abandoned but hilarious blog about interns who are slightly south of motivated than the average office employe...

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Best Practices for Recruiters Emailing Job Candidates

Being on the wrong end of the job search can seem like a sick and twisted never-ending cycle of rejection and disregard. It's a ruthless place to be and can quickly become what keeps you awake every single night. This is a harsh daily struggle for millions of Americans. You do everything you're advised to help you get that interview—complete job application after job application, rewrite and tweak your resume and cover letter, draft up ...

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Why Creatives and Marketers Need to Train More Like Athletes with Dr. Bhrett McCabe

Sometimes you walk into a presentation and the speaker gives you irresistible content that you just can't manage to scribble down fast enough. Other times you get a phenomenal speaker that uplifts you in some way to act and make a change. The rest, well, you probably don't remember those because you got neither content or inspiration out of it. It's incredibly rare that someone is capable of delivering the perfect content in an entertaining and ...

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Is It Possible To Never Work A Day In Your Life?

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Quoted by Confucius, more recently made popular by Steve Jobs - easier said than done, right? I hate to disagree with extremely smart, cool, and famous people, but this quote is extremely misleading. Let's look at it. Similar to the intro quote, "you can be anything you want to be." We are taught this from day one, but yet we aren't educated and brought up ...

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Top Ways College Graduates Can Use Social Media for Their Job Search

When I graduated from The University of Alabama in May 2010, I had little understanding of the impact that social media would have on my future life. (The "Like" button didn't even exist then, and that says a lot!) Sure, I held accounts on all of the major platforms, but they were merely placeholders. I existed on them, and that was all. Out of college, degree in hand, I was ready to face the real world. Or so I thought. The reality of it ...

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