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Why “Intern” is Such a Dirty Word and How to Fix it

Something about the word "intern" strikes an uneasy feeling in my gut. It most likely stems from the fact that people make fun of them every chance they get, instantaneously blaming them for every social media blunder that's ever occurred. Google finds over 2.8 million webpages when you search "my intern sucks." Also, here's an abandoned but hilarious blog about interns who are slightly south of motivated than the average office employe...

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What’s with Storytelling in Social Media?

Stories are the foundation of childhood no matter where you were brought up. It's one thing we all have in common; we all have a story to tell. And we love hearing stories; they build imagination, foster creativity, and allow us to escape and find comfort in their secrets, lessons, twists and turns. Sure, you can read volumes of case studies and theories on story composition and structure. Just ask the talented folks at Pixar and Disney who ...

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Storytelling in Social Media