What’s with Storytelling in Social Media?

Stories are the foundation of childhood no matter where you were brought up. It's one thing we all have in common; we all have a story to tell. And we love hearing stories; they build imagination, foster creativity, and allow us to escape and find comfort in their secrets, lessons, twists and turns. Sure, you can read volumes of case studies and theories on story composition and structure. Just ask the talented folks at Pixar and Disney who ...

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Storytelling in Social Media

Social Is Something You Are, Not Something You Do

Last Wednesday I got sidetracked and wound up listening in to Amber Naslund's webinar on building a case for social business. I've heard this saying before from Olivier Blanchard's Social Media ROI book, but the most important concept Amber mentioned was that social is something you are, and not something you do. Read it again, let it sink in. Social is something you are, not something you do. It's a very simple concept; so fundamental, ...

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Can Social Media Replace Websites?

Finally, I’ve heard it all. I attended a social media panel in Birmingham last month, and one of the audience members raised a question about the possibility of social media replcing websites. With all the hype over social media, that’s a completely valid question and a potential concern for those that don’t consider themselves digitally savvy. First, a little background. I was really excited to be at one of Birmingham's first ...

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Sharing Is Human

The Importance of College Branding

It's that time of year again when the leaves put on spectacular shows of vibrant color and pumpkins take their places as front porch fixtures. The mercury begins dropping which brings sweatshirts, jeans, and coats out of hiding, and everything starts getting a little more spooky with Halloween right around the corner. But then of course, and much more importantly, we get to the nitty-gritty, the crux, the warp and woof of fall - college ...

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Brands Don’t Change, They Improve

Change happens when something constant gets disrupted or transformed by an event. Sometimes change is a great thing. A brand refresh (if needed) can be a welcome change of scenery, and a profitable one if implemented carefully. Change can also be confusing for consumers. Consider Comcast's debacle with using both Xfinity and Comcast under one company. Is it a smart move to brand your company under two names in different regions based on ...

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