Brooks Running, My One True Love

This Valentine's Day--a day most noted for sugar highs and pun-riddled commentary (does my cadence make your heart race, too?)--I'm ready to openly confess my love to my new running partner, Brooks Running. With so many shoe brands competing for my attention, Brooks is the only candidate ready to settle down for the long haul and truly get to know me. The rest? It's obvious, they just want to take my money and run. To paint the full ...

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How to Tackle Your First Year of Photography

A friend from New Jersey asked if I could give her some advice about getting into photography. She had a few questions and wanted to hear from someone who had already gone through the experience of starting a photography business. Our conversation follows:   Nicole: Zackie! I have a question for you about photography. Is it difficult getting into photography? Understanding the cameras and all the photography gear seems like a ...

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What’s with Storytelling in Social Media?

Stories are the foundation of childhood no matter where you were brought up. It's one thing we all have in common; we all have a story to tell. And we love hearing stories; they build imagination, foster creativity, and allow us to escape and find comfort in their secrets, lessons, twists and turns. Sure, you can read volumes of case studies and theories on story composition and structure. Just ask the talented folks at Pixar and Disney who ...

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Storytelling in Social Media