Brooks Running, My One True Love

This Valentine's Day--a day most noted for sugar highs and pun-riddled commentary (does my cadence make your heart race, too?)--I'm ready to openly confess my love to my new running partner, Brooks Running. With so many shoe brands competing for my attention, Brooks is the only candidate ready to settle down for the long haul and truly get to know me. The rest? It's obvious, they just want to take my money and run. To paint the full ...

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How to Pick the Best Running Watch

GPS running watches are becoming an increasingly important component of the runner's arsenal. The ability to precisely record a run or workout from your wrist, then review the data afterward can result in more effective training. Just as performance thresholds continue to improve in shoe and clothing technology, the running watch market is becoming equally competitive. This is great for consumers because there are now oodles of features ...

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7 Practical Tips for First Time Marathon Runners

I shouldn't be able to say I'm a marathon runner today. I also shouldn't be able to move a single muscle in my body. I should be rolling my eyes when friends ask, "when's your next marathon?" When I say that I half-assed my training, I'm being generous. Really generous. However, that's not my story. Today, I'm a marathon runner. I'm walking around nearly ache-free with a big-ass smile on my face. I'm even pretty psyched about planning my ...

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17 Signs That You’re a Runner

In classic Buzzfeed style, I present you with 17 Signs That You're a Runner. As with any sport or hobby, there are professionals and experts, novices, and amateurs. In my own little happy corner of the world, even if you run on a semi-consistent basis, you should call yourself a runner. If you don't see your habits on this list, it either means I'm a terrible listicle journalist, or you just have extremely weird habits. I kid. Here are some ...

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Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ Initial Impressions

Exactly 20 days ago, at some point during the night I was woken up by my iPhone. I typically don't wake up when I get a text message or if someone tweets me during the night−if it was important, you'd call me. For some reason, this notification did the trick. At 4AM, with one eye squinting trying to adjust to my bright screen I saw I had received the following DM from Nike Running. Two things ran through my half-asleep brain in this order. ...

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Nike Twitter Flyknit Lunar1+ Campaign