With the Wind: A Summer Roadtrip Series [PHOTOS]

5,800 miles, 16 states, 3 National Parks, 4 National Forests, 1 Wilderness area, a handful of BLM areas and more pigging out on America's yummiest food than I care to admit. Tanya and I did it all in 15 surreal days, and I'm just now catching my breath to share a few images from our adventure. We picked our main destination, Lake Tahoe, did a little planning, loaded the car with gear, grub and tunes to last us for a few weeks and set ...

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How To Choose a Solar Power System for Outdoor Adventures

I've been looking for a way to charge my DSLR batteries while on an extended weekend adventure for some time, and just thinking about powering my devices with sunlight intimidated me in the beginning. It's easy to get lost in all the terminology--rated power, open-circuit voltage, the various outputs and ports, panel sizes and recharging gear. It's easy to get lost in the buying process and buy something beyond your needs. Don't forget, ...

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Brooks Running, My One True Love

This Valentine's Day--a day most noted for sugar highs and pun-riddled commentary (does my cadence make your heart race, too?)--I'm ready to openly confess my love to my new running partner, Brooks Running. With so many shoe brands competing for my attention, Brooks is the only candidate ready to settle down for the long haul and truly get to know me. The rest? It's obvious, they just want to take my money and run. To paint the full ...

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That Time New York City Got in the Way of My Camera

Most people can easily identify themselves as a mountain, beach, or city person. When asked which I prefer, I realize that I'm not most people. "I'm seasonal." This is often followed by a (well-deserved) blank stare accompanied by an awkward pause. And sometimes, I get the "I don't think you understood my question" squint and head tilt. My explanation is brief; in the spring, summer and fall, I love trips to the mountains and the ...

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How to Pick the Best Running Watch

GPS running watches are becoming an increasingly important component of the runner's arsenal. The ability to precisely record a run or workout from your wrist, then review the data afterward can result in more effective training. Just as performance thresholds continue to improve in shoe and clothing technology, the running watch market is becoming equally competitive. This is great for consumers because there are now oodles of features ...

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